Why teach ABROAD?

Many people wish to travel the world and have new experiences, but they feel that moving overseas for a year is too big of an obstacle. The reality is, teaching abroad has never been easier. We have job opportunities in advanced English education markets that offer competitive salary and benefits. Also, we place you in cities with convenience and safety that are easy to adjust for many Westerners.

Four reasons to teach abroad

Professional & Personal Development

The private education is a multi-billion dollar industry in Asia ($486 billion USD between Korea and China in 2018). Native English-speaking teachers are vital to many of the private academies and their operations. In such competitive markets, many academies focus on developing contents and curriculum based on the latest teaching pedagogy. They also provide proper teaching guides, resources, and training to help new teachers.

Edustar has coordinators in Korea and China. Our team frequently researches and visits different academies to ensure that the location we are placing you has the best teaching materials and resources. Whether you are planning to teach abroad for a year, or potentially start a career in teaching, we will place you at a location where you will be able to gain valuable work experience.

Competitive Salary & Benefits

Edustar works with the best schools and academies that offer competitive salary and benefits. Depending on the position and experience, teachers make between $1700-3000 USD per month with 10-15 days of paid vacation per year. Whether you are looking to pay off your student loan or start a new career in teaching, we will ensure that you are well compensated for your effort. 

Travel & Adventure

Teachers abroad have many opportunities to travel and explore. It's easy to travel to different cities and countrysides during weekends, or take a short flight to different countries during holidays. There are endless possibilities such as exploring ancient temples, surfing at a beach, enjoying the nightlife, or trying delicious local cuisine. No matter who you are, there is something for everyone. 

People & Relationship

When teaching abroad, you will meet amazing people from all over the world. Each school will staff several native English-speaking teachers. You will also meet many awesome local teachers who are very friendly and proficient in English. From our personal experience, we can tell you that it's an incredible opportunities to build friendships that will last a lifetime. 

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