What it's like

It can be difficult to imagine what your life will be like being a teacher abroad. So we've prepared a snapshot what will help you envision what it's like to be a teacher working and living abroad. 

Arrival & Moving In

Once you arrive, your school staff will pick you up from the airport. You may be able to move into your new apartment right away. Otherwise, your school will arrange for you to stay at a hotel nearby for a few days, until your apartment becomes available. 

Orientation & Training

Before you start teaching, you will have orientation and training to learn more about your new school and how to teach its curriculum. Some schools have training on-site, where you will get the chance to meet your new co-workers and students. Others schools may send you to a specialized training facility.  

Teaching & Having Fun with Students

It may take several weeks to settle into your new position. Continuing to learn the curriculum, developing your teaching skills, and building rapport with your students all take time. However, when see your students improve their English skills and enjoy the time they spend with you, you will quickly realize how rewarding the job could be. 

Weekends & Vacation

Teachers love to travel and enjoy themselves during weekends and their vacation. There are endless possibilities for adventure when you live abroad!

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