Think about an amazing teacher you had, and how he or she changed your life. Teachers are extremely important because they can shape students' lives. Therefore, being a teacher requires a level of passion and commitment. Here are some of the responsibilities given to teachers abroad. 

Daily Responsibilities

  • Keeping your students engaged with fun and exciting lessons

  • Introducing the curriculum outlined in your weekly or monthly syllabus

  • Grading tests and assignments

  • Assessing your student’s English abilities and completing report cards (usually monthly or bi-monthly)

  • Providing your manager with student development reports

  • Attending teacher workshops and seminars (usually 1-2 annually)

  • Attend weekly staff meetings

  • Substituting for your co-workers when they are sick

  • Accompanying and supervising students on field trips (Kinder teachers only)

Importance of Lesson Preparation

Teaching doesn't start when you step into a classroom. It actually begins before, during lesson preparation. Lesson prep is important because it allows teachers to stay on track to meet the lesson objectives, and be efficient during class time. Typically, teachers commit around 30-60 minutes to prepare for their lessons each day. During this period, they review their teaching materials, prepare discussion topics, make photocopies, gather audio equipment, prepare activities, etc.

Role Model

It’s important to remember that teachers have an influential role with their students. Therefore, it’s imperative to be a responsible role model and keep a professional and positive attitude both in and out of the school. As you can probably guess, young students can be very impressionable. It is your responsibility to set a good example, and their safety and well-being should always be your first priority.

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