Step-by-Step Process

A guide through the teacher placement process 

Teaching abroad may look daunting at first, but it doesn't need to be! Edustar will guide you through each step of the way. Here is how to get started. 

Step 1: Apply

Submit your application via our Online Application Form. It only takes a few minutes to apply.

Step 2: Speak to our recruiter

Within 2 business days of your application, one of our recruiters will contact you via email. We will set up a time to speak to you over Skype. During the call, we will ask questions to help us understand your experience, expectations and preferences. We will also answer any questions that you might have about living and teaching abroad.

Step 3: Gather your visa documents

If you are serious about teaching English abroad, you would need to start acquiring documents that are needed to apply for your visa. Your Edustar Recruiter will tell you exactly what documents you need to gather and how to get them. Gathering your visa documents can take between 4-12 weeks, so we recommend that you start this process as soon as possible. 

Step 4: Your Edustar Recruiter search for open positions abroad

While you gather the visa documents, your Edustar Recruiter will search for a teaching position. Based on your preferences, we will find teaching opportunities that we think will be a good fit for you. Unlike many agencies, everyone at Edustar are former teachers, and we only work with schools that we have visited and researched. We will only send you teaching opportunities that we would feel happy to take ourselves. 

Step 5: Interview with schools

Your recruiter will schedule interviews for you when schools are interested in your resume. The interviews are often conducted over Skype, so please check to make sure that your webcam, speaker, and internet connection are all working properly. The interviewer could be a school director or a faculty manager, and it can last anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes. Prior to the interviews, we will give you some general tips on typical interview questions so you can be prepared.

Step 6: Sign the contract

Once the interview has been completed and the school wants to hire you, we will receive a contract from the school. We will review the document before emailing it to you. Since great teaching positions are very competitive, we recommend that you make a decision within 2-3 days. Most schools will move on from the teacher if the offer is not accepted within 4-5 days. 

Step 7: Departure

Once you have signed the contract, you will need to send documents to the school so that they can apply for your visa sponsorship. We will let you know exactly which documents to send and any deadlines you need to be aware of. We will also help you with any last minute arrangements including flight and arrival information. 

Then, you start your journey! After you arrive, we will continue to follow up with you and the school to ensure that you have everything you need to get started. 

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